The people behind Saturday Racing Club, are people with many goals, deep hearts, and big dreams for a greener and more sustainable future for both humans and animals.

We believe in great animal welfare creates the best horses. With a good trainer, great jockeys and caretakers who sees the horse for what it is, is very important for us. 

Our passion for horses spans over 30 years, and with a great knowledge and a true dedication, we are very excited to open up a new chapter;
The galloping horse race.

We have been visiting Klampenborg galopbane, over many years, but never in the sadlle or as an owner
- Until now. 

Do you have any interest in becoming a part of
Saturday Racing Club?  
Please feel free to contact us, and lets make the horse welfare in the sport a priority for everyone in the game.

How we make 
              A DIFFERENCE


Being part of something bigger has always motivated us. When we first became acquainted with the 17 sustainable development  goals, we became curious. And after hours with our noses buried in new knowledge, it became clear to us, that we wanted to help make a change in the world.


“Becoming a C02 neutral company is one of our personal goals.

We've teamed up with great partners, and together we will make sure our footprints are as green as possible.
We will seek ways to reduce waste, create workplaces, and give back the nature its life”


“Creating relationships based on our values, is important for us. We educate ourself and our partners in the innovation for making us better as a team.


Never expect - Always dream

Carla Rise's performance at her 2nd race in her second season. We didn't dare to hope for anything as she has been injured from the first season and unfortunately came in last, at her last race this season. Despite being a small lady, she shows that she has strength and is fast.

She is a warrior!


We are more than just proud to announce another great partnership.
In collaboration with E. G. C.
- Empowering Global Commitments who shows the way for community, global attention to the achievements of our time and paves a safe framework for their employees. We´re looking forward to collaborate with this company.